Cloud Hosting 101

Cloud Hosting 101

The history of web hosting started many years ago, but what is interesting is that web hosting is changing and evolving all the time. One of the most popular, relatively new types of web hosting is cloud web hosting. This is especially true when it comes to eCommerce sites, online application sites, corporate organizations and similar entities. Although not everyone is using cloud hosting, this is a growing type of hosting.

With the help of cloud hosting, website owners can rely on cloud computing technology that allows them to divide the necessary resources for optimal uptime. In other words, this is a flexible solution that uses the resources to the maximum. In this way, the risk of downtime is minimized or virtually non-existent.

There is a long list of benefits associated with cloud hosting and we will present some of them in this article.

For starters, with the help of the innovative cloud technology, the servers and storage devices can be shared without any hassles. This allows complete optimization of the process. To put it simply, cloud technology provides optimal use of the storage space you have.

Thanks to the flexible approach to usage and storage, cloud hosting is offered in the form of pay-per-use packages. In other words, you will pay only for the resources that you will actually use which is rare in the world of web hosting. This is a very scalable technology that can be used not only for web hosting, but also for few other things like database storage, data backups, emails etc.

In order to witness all these benefits, you will have to opt for the best cloud hosting providers. Here’s how you can find the best solutions:

– First of all, check the price. Cloud hosting is getting more and more affordable, but the truth is that different providers have different pricing. Look for providers that are offering special packages, promotions and discounts.

– Next, you should check their reliability. The easiest way to determine this is to read online reviews on specialized hosting review websites, online forums, and online discussion boards. Of course, feel free to ask your business partners and friends for suggestions. Stick to companies with a long history and good reviews.

– Finally, check the uptime. Most of the providers today are offering 99.9% uptime, but even the ones with 99.5% are considered good as long as these figures are correct.