6 Free Company Name Generator Options

Without any doubt, using a free company name generator has proven to be a useful thing for business of all sizes. It’s not just that these software tools available online are free, they also come up with a plethora of good ideas that you can use for your business regardless of the industry where it belongs. But, if you want to maximize the effects of using tools like this, you will have to use the best ones that are currently available on the market. Here’s a list of 6 great free company name generators.

1. Panabee

Panabee is not just a tool for generating company names. It’s also a platform which you can use to generate application names and look for domain names. With its help, users can find dozens of ideas that are easy to remember, fun and unique. The tool uses syllables, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations and other things to create the ideal business name. So, once you load the site, you can enter an idea or keyword in the search box and use the Search button to generate company names. You will get the results instantly. The good thing is that you can find out whether a company name has a matching domain name which is free. Keep in mind that this generator works with GoDaddy and it will help you register a domain name with the help of this registrar. At the same time, Panabee will check app name availability and social media network username availability at least for the most used social media platforms. All in all, this is a great free generator for company names.

2. FreshBooks Business Name Generator

FreshBooks is one of the most used cloud-based accounting tools found online. In order to help businesses, they have also created a business name generator. This is one of the many business tools that they have developed for business users. The good thing is that it’s completely free. To get started, you will have to select your industry. After that, you will also have to choose a keyword. In the end, all you have to do is use the Make me a Name button and you will get many suggestions. In case none of the names you see there doesn’t meet your expectations, you can click the Show me more button and you will get other ideas.

3. Namelix

Namelix is a unique free tool which relies on artificial intelligence. This is the main thing that makes this generator original. Many users have confirmed that Namelix has helped them create memorable and short names for their companies. Just like in the case of other tools of this type, Namelix doesn’t require special knowledge or skills to be used. To get ideas, you have to use the keyword (or keywords) you have selected for your business and press the button. Typically, this tool will provide hundreds of results and most of them are meaningful and unique.

4. Shopify Business Name Generator

There’s a great chance that you have heard about Shopify in case you are planning on starting a new website. Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform which allows users to build eCommerce sites easily. At the same time, this platform lets you manage your site too. In order to help their users take care of their businesses online, they have included a few other tools. One of these tools is Shopify Business Name Generator.

As you can see, this is a tool created for new business owners looking for an efficient way to create an attractive name for their company. Just like the platform in general, Shopify Business Name Generator is quite simple. Users must enter a keyword and the software will complete the research. Typically, this generator will provide dozens of results. To be more precise, you can expect 100 suggestions based on your keyword. These suggestions include two words.

If you find some of the names interesting, click on them and you will get information about whether there is a business/company with a name like that or not. If the name is available, you can purchase a domain name and create an eCommerce site with the help of Shopify. Don’t forget that Shopify is offering a 14-day trial period which is more than enough to figure out how to use this platform.

5. BNG – Business Name Generator

Well, they couldn’t find a more suitable name for a tool like this. BNG is a great tool for creating company names. As expected, the tool will offer a wide range of names for your business. You can also expect to find info about the availability of domain names based on each of their suggestions. This easy to use solution requires one or two keywords to start the research. You will get a chance to choose from thousands of suggestions. Once the results are in, you can apply some of their filters like modern, popular, phrases before the keyword, phrases after the keyword, short, tech, general business, etc. in addition to company names, Business Name Generator also generates name ideas for podcasts, domains, blogs, products, magazines and more.

6. NameMesh

With the help of NameMesh, you can create a plethora of company names. This is a modern, simplistic and inventive name generator that companies of all sizes can use. You can use one, two or three keywords and you will get many name ideas. As you might have already guessed, there’s a built-in feature which checks domain name availability too. The good thing is that NameMesh can sort name ideas based on different criteria including short, common, similar, new, mix, SEO-friendly, extra and fun. If you click on the name that you find nice, you can buy it right away. What makes NameMesh interesting in a case like this is that you can check not only .com availability but availability for other domain name extensions too. This means that it will be quite easy to find a good name and purchase the domain name.